More than two decades ago, the Duluth Library Foundation was founded with the aim of supporting the Duluth Public Library. It was started by a visionary group of donors who understood the significance of providing for the library as a way of promoting literacy and lifelong learning in the community. Since that time, the foundation has supported library excellence by building private financial support, strengthening public commitment to the library, and magnifying the visibility of the library’s positive role in the community. We work with the library to determine where private funds will have the greatest impact. We supplement the library’s funding in a manner that does not diminish the need for strong public funding.

The Duluth Public Library is the hub that ignites and sustains the passion for lifelong learning in our community—providing unlimited access to educational, recreational, and technological resources; creating opportunities to nurture creativity and collaboration; and supporting values that contribute to our quality of life. The foundation seeks to further the
work of the library.