Deborah Adele

Deborah Adele, MA, ERYT500, has a background in yoga philosophy, somatic education, business, and theology.  A previous owner of Yoga North Studio, she currently spends her time writing and leading workshops around the country.  Her first book, The Yamas and Niyamas:  Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, is being used internationally in yoga certification, coaching, addiction, and prison programs.

In addition to her business and yoga experience, Deborah has made several trips to India for study and exploration.  She feels it is important to continually ask ourselves the question, “What does it mean to be human?” by putting ourselves in places we can be challenged and changed, by telling ourselves the truth, and by sitting in some form of prayer, meditation, or reflection daily.  Deborah is currently working on her second book about the mind.

Mine Your Mind

By Deborah Adele

Isn’t it interesting that we ask so much of our minds and yet spend so little time thinking about the mind itself?  We desire fulfillment and some sense of inner peace, yet these often seem to escape us, or at least not stay around very long.

Understanding the role of the mind and its ability to lead us down a path of pain and suffering or joy and fulfillment, is one of the great gifts of yoga philosophy and of modern brain research.

In this break out session, we will use these two disciplines to look at the functions, tendencies, and orientation of the mind. We will also look at the effects of the mind on the body and how to train our minds in a way that is constantly for our benefit.