On November 30, Mayor Emily Larson visited the library for a celebration of a gift from the Wells Fargo Foundation of 250 children’s books for the littlest library users. “As a parent, I know the importance of literacy and learning letters,” said the mayor. “But it’s also about the time you spend with your children, slowing down, enjoying each other’s company and spending time with your child on your lap. That’s why books are so important.”

Several parents and children gathered with representatives of the library, Wells Fargo, and the Library Foundation for the celebration.

The mayor thanked Matt Cochran of Wells Fargo for the gift, congratulated the library, and thanked the Library Foundation for securing the grant, which will allow the library to replace worn-out favorites, increase copies of popular books, and keep up with community demand for new titles for infants and toddlers. After the press conference, Mayor Larson sat on the floor with several children and parents to read one of the new books together.

Library manager Carla Powers noted the importance of this addition to the collection: “The American Academy of Pediatrics recently came out with a study that said that infants and toddlers cannot learn from digital media in the same way as when they learn with social interaction with a trusted caregiver and when there’s a hands-on learning experience. So sharing print books with kids, holding them in your hands, turning the pages, talking about them together is one of the very best ways to prepare kids to read and succeed later in life.”

We are grateful to our community partner, Wells Fargo, for making this wonderful gift possible.