Tom Kasper

Tom Kasper was born in Bismarck, North Dakota. He has been gardening since he was seven years old. He earned his Bachelor of Science from the North Dakota State University. He worked for the City of Duluth Parks Department for years, enhancing our city, and is known for his mastery of gardening. He is the owner of Kasper Lawn and Landscape.

Gardening in the Northland

By Tom Kasper

Anyone who loves gardening and lives in the Northland has wrestled with the question of how to do it well in a challenging climate. When is it time to plant, and what should you plant? What is the balance between annuals and perennials? How do you prep the soil? What about weeds? How can your garden benefit bees and butterflies? Is mulch important?

Take home some ideas about how to make your garden succeed. This class will provide practical answers to the ins-and-outs of gardening: from planning a garden, to prepping the soil, to planting and maintaining a garden that will succeed in the beautiful but demanding climate of northern Minnesota.