The Duluth Library Foundation was founded in 1990 by a group of visionaries with an aim to establish and grow an endowment fund for the Duluth Public Library. This endowment would produce financial benefit for the library into perpetuity, supplementing but not supplanting the public support of the library.

The Duluth Library Foundation was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization on Valentine’s Day of 1990. Showing a true love for the library, the Olga Walker Trust donated $125,000 to begin the endowment.

Now, the Foundation continues to build its endowment through fundraisers, grants, and, most importantly, by seeking donations from individuals and corporate community partners. Annually, the Foundation donates 80% of its interest earnings to the library. This annual gift is used by the library to make necessary purchases, create programming, and support literacy and learning for library patrons.

“Because the library budget does not include funding for programming and events, donations from the community are especially important,” said Dan D’Allaird, Duluth Library Foundation President.

In 2013, thanks to the generous donations of community members, the Duluth Library Foundation endowment reached the milestone of $1 million. The Duluth Library Foundation hopes that you will assist them in reaching their next milestone by making a donation to the 2015 Library Fund.

On March 11th, the Foundation will launch the 2015 Library Fund Campaign with a goal of raising $100,000 to be used for technology, educational resources, and programming for children and teens. The kick-off to this campaign will be held Wednesday, March 11, at 11:45am at the Duluth Depot. All are invited to attendthis event and to participate in the campaign by donating to your local library branch or online at Every donation helps make a difference in local library youth.

By Tayler Boelk