Tom Hanson

Tom Hanson is the co–owner, with Jaima Hanson, of Duluth Grill. Their recipe for business and gustatory success is fresh, local, sustainable ingredients made into incredibly delicious food. The Duluth Grill has been written up as many miles away as Los Angeles, where as early as 2011 the Los Angeles Times reviewer noted that “It’s one thing to go all locavore when you’re in California; it’s another thing entirely when you’re on the shore of Lake Superior, which freezes solid in the winter.”

Preparing Local Food

By Tom Hanson

A love of good food, much of it grown locally, was the inspiration for Tom Hanson to create the Duluth Grill, known throughout the region for its inspired menu of delicious and healthy food. Good food starts with good ingredients, creative use of spices, and a willingness to try things out.

This class will introduce anyone who prepares food, from beginners to the more experienced cook, to some basic ideas of combining ingredients, trying things out, feeling comfortable in the kitchen, and creating dishes that are satisfying to prepare and to eat.