Dear Reader,

In difficult times, books can reassure us, uplift our spirits, and give us courage. We hope that you are finding comfort in books and discovering the expanded online resources offered to you, your family, and the community by the Duluth Public Library. With library locations and schools temporarily closed, the digital services provided by the library are more important than ever.

Although the libraries are closed, Library Manager Carla Powers and her dedicated staff, working remotely, have continued their work. They have begun to re-imagine the library and how to offer new and modified services in order to continue keeping our community informed, engaged, and connected at the time of the coronavirus.

We asked Carla, What does the library need right now? Above all, she said, they need money to respond flexibly to the unprecedented needs of the community in three ways:

Books. To continue buying new books for readers of all ages, to give to the people most in need (through the Salvation Army, the Steve O’Neil Apartments, and others).

Innovation. To support library staff as they implement innovative new ways to engage our community, such as “Creature Feature with Miss Leah” original videos and “All-Star Storytime.”

Online services. To fund new digital services. Some of the library’s expanded online offerings:

  • A dramatic increase in e-books & downloadable audiobooks
  • Scholastic Learn at Home
  • TumbleMath
  • Online weekly “Storytime”
  • Teen, adult trivia contests
  • Access to newspapers, magazines, test prep
  • “E-access” digital library card for adults. No ID or physical visit is needed.

Will you help us?

We recognize that many people are facing personal challenges and uncertainty right now. If you are able, here are three ways that you can help the library at this challenging time:

  • Become a monthly donor and provide consistent support of the library.
  • Make an immediate gift online or leave us a message with your contact information at 218-730-4262 (we will return your call as soon as possible).
  • Stay connected through our Facebook page.

Your support of the library will make a difference in our community—opening doors of opportunity, inspiring hope, and changing lives—while we all follow healthy practices to keep us safe. Our work for the library, donors, and our community continues, and we look forward to sharing some of our new endeavors with you soon.

With warm appreciation,

Patra Sevastiades
Executive Director
Duluth Library Foundation