Re-Designing Library Spaces

The play area at the downtown library has 9,000 visitors each year, and the well-loved area needed a facelift. Little by little, change arrived, courtesy of donors: bright new couches welcomed caregivers. A new toddler table and chairs, train table, and toys appeared. Colorful benches invited toddlers to explore a countertop full of puzzles. New computer seating and bright family-friendly tables and chairs invited use.

The teen area in the downtown library was small, its sparse seating tattered. Vibrant carpet, boldly bright furniture, and a mural that said “Teen Space” revitalized the area, thanks to donors. Now teens regularly use a space that affirms that they matter.

The Mount Royal branch library expanded into the space next door, and Foundation supporters furnished it with chairs, tables, and display screen. This popular area allows quiet reading and a new program area.

In the West Duluth branch library, a new book display appeared, as did a teen computer and desk. When the Computer Center relocated to the top floor of the downtown library, new computer tables and chairs filled the beautiful space. Foundation support helped make it possible.

Revitalized library spaces make our library more welcoming and efficient.

I Love My Library!

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