Our Mission

Libraries are thriving centers of learning, opportunity, and hope. Each day, the lives of children, families, students, adults, and seniors are improved by the inspired work of dedicated staff at the Duluth Public Library. A toddler whose eyes light up as he learns a new letter; a child who proudly displays a book that she has read; a teen who is thrilled to discover his hidden talent; an adult who encounters a new idea—the powerful potential of each person to keep learning inspires our vision of a community nurtured and connected by a vibrant public library system.

Our libraries are welcoming places that are open to all. They invite us to be curious, compassionate, and educated. Books, programs, computers, and devoted library staff help people of all backgrounds to find opportunities and better their lives.

Each small step of learning furthers our mission to strengthen our community and create brighter futures by supporting, enhancing, and advocating for the Duluth Public Library’s innovative and groundbreaking work.

The mission of the Duluth Library Foundation is to raise private support to enhance the Duluth Public Library's capacity to provide programming and materials above the level provided by public funding, and to champion the Library's role in meeting community needs.

I Love My Library!

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