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The Foundation, established in 1990, has supported library excellence by building private financial support, deepening public commitment to the library, and enlarging the visibility of the library and its positive presence in the community. Working in partnership with the Library, the Foundation helps to determine where private funds will have the greatest impact, supplementing the library’s funding in a manner that does not diminish the need for strong public funding.

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Dan’s library story

  As a kid I loved baseball, baseball cards, and board games. Somehow, I got the idea to make my own baseball game. Around age 10, I received an amazing birthday present. My parents had wrapped up a box with the label: Omaha Steaks, Meats of Distinction. Inside it were 1,500 baseball cards. My parents […]

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Mark’s library story

In 1998, Mark Elden was in the downtown library, where he noticed a book display about ice boats. He had grown up on Park Point and was familiar with them. He picked up the book “Sailing on Ice,” by Jack Andresen, and came across a chapter on skate sailing. Skate sailing? The sport paired a […]

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Robert’s library story

I grew up in Duluth, and when I was a kid (6-8 years old), I used to dial up and down the band on my folks’ Philco radio. I liked programs such as “The Firestone Hour” and the “Bell Telephone Hour.“ Programs like these were distributed to radio stations on large disks—phonograph records, but larger than consumer versions. […]

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