Inspiring minds, transforming lives

Libraries are at the heart of our communities, providing critical resources, programs, and expertise. They provide a public space—open to all and commercial-free—where every single one of us can browse, create, dream, read, and learn.

The life-changing resources at the library are multiplied by the generosity of individual donors and community partners. Gifts to the Duluth Library Foundation, large and small, help the Duluth Public Library ignite a lifelong love of learning and open doors of opportunity.

Together, we are creating brighter futures.

How does my gift help the library?

Every Child Ready Duluth

The Duluth Public Library has crafted a bold new initiative, Every Child Ready Duluth, to help bridge the gap in school readiness in Duluth so that all of our children can succeed.

School Age Achievement

Gifts to the Duluth Library Foundation support books and programs that inspire children all year long, transforming them into fluent readers.

Teen Engagement

For teens who are facing difficult odds, the library is a safe place and a lifeline. Librarians are trusted guides who offer encouragement and a sense of belonging. Gifts to the Duluth Library Foundation help make this important work possible.

Lifelong Learning

Foundation support helps the library offer books, newspapers, magazines, and programs. Allowing people of all ages to come together to learn, discuss, and reflect on topics that affect our world.

Re-designing Library Spaces

The Duluth Public Library is offering more than ever, and people are responding. Donor support has made it possible to repurpose, redesign, and revitalize library spaces, making the library more welcoming and efficient.

I Love My Library!

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