Donor Wall

Support from generous donors enhances the uplifting work of the Duluth Public Library–helping to build a vibrant community and create brighter futures. We gratefully recognize those who have given cumulative gifts of $500 or more in support of the library with a nameplate added to the Donor Wall at each giving level.

Andrew Carnegie

Karen and Royal Alworth
Anonymous Donor
Thomas L. and Katherine J. Gibson
Wayne G. Holmberg
Olga Walker Trust
Wildey H. Mitchell Family Foundation

Louise and Beverly Ellstrom
Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation
Don and Sally Schilling

Anonymous Friend Designated Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
Community Opportunity Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
In Memory of my Father, Donald D. Harries by Gilbert Harries
E.C. Mason Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
Margaret Orlich Estate
Walter and Alyce Rauschenfels
Frank J. Sklaris Library Vision Fund

Michael and Ellen Altman
Arrowhead Library System
Mary and Arthur Aufderheide
Doris I. Becker Estate
In Honor of Carl and June Casperson by the Casperson Book Club
Dean Casperson and Patra Sevastiades
Katharine B. Coventry
Muriel Cowan
In Honor of Hattie and Finn MacLean by Jerry and Carol Fryberger
Valerie Goff
Steven Goldfine
Susan, Stan, John, and David Goltz
Tom and Pam Griffin
Bruce and Susan Henke
Charles E. House
John and Beth Kelly
John and Elaine Killen
Bernice A. Lindquist Trust
Mardag Foundation, St. Paul & Minnesota Foundation
Ann and Robert Mars
Ellen Marsden
Elisabeth C. Mason
Mark and Nancy Melhus
Northland Foundation
Ordean Foundation
In Memory of Eugene T. and Mildred Johnson by Shelia Petrovich
Thomas and Kristine Rauschenfels
Maurice A. and June C. Robinson Family Foundation
Dr. Nathaniel H. Rowe
Fred and Janet Schroeder
In Memory of Mildred Binnie Rodberg by Janet Sklaris
Stephen Philip Welsh, Duluth Public Library Board Member, 2020

John and Virginia Alexander
In Honor of Rose Bayuk on her 101st Birthday
In honor of Bob and Becky Buchanan
Duluth News Tribune
Vera M. Dunbar Trust
In Memory of Robert F. Eaton by His Many Friends
Robert and Ruth Ann Eaton
Essentia Health
In Memory of Leona Gifford
Lillian and Manley Goldfine
Richard and Karen Gran
Patricia Gayou Hall
In Memory of David Jennings Harrison
Alan and Susan Hartley
Heimbach-Lachmund Family
Jim and Kristin Jarocki
JeRay and Susan Johnson
Virginia T. and Albert M. Katz
John and Elaine Killen
Kiwanis Club of Port of Duluth
William, Rhonda, Steven and Laura Krossner
In Memory of Lawrence R. Linden, Sr. by Esther Linden
Members Cooperative Credit Union
In Memory of Howard J. Meyer
Miller Hill Mall
For Mothers and Children
Daniel H. and Catherine L. Mundt Charitable Fund of Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
National Bank of Commerce
Northland Foundation
Theresa and Tom O’Gara
Robin Ongaro Foundation
In Memory of John and Rosella Ouse
Radisson Hotel Duluth – Harborview
Mary Schlosser and Dr. Stewart Hazel
In Memory of Elizabeth Carollo by the Shuey Family
St. Scholastica Monastery
Jennifer and Michael Stattelman
Vera Swanson Trust
Frances and Lawrence Syck
Mavis and Richard Whiteman
Gudrun and Geof Witrak

Altman Family Fund
Robert and Pamela Ardis
In Honor of Librarians by Patricia Aufderheide
Bent Paddle Brewing Company
In Memory of Dorothy F. Powell by Dr. and Mrs. David J. Blomberg
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Duluth Retail Center
Ben and Mary Boo
In Honor of Our Children and Grandchildren by John and Pat Carow
D’Allaird Family
In Honor of Daley and Finley With Love from Mom and Dad
Marlene David
Patty and Dick DeLano
The Depot – St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center
Bruce and Judith Derauf
Honoring Mary Carufel Dwan
Vivian Georgesen
In Memory of Maxine L. Gerard by Louis Gerard
Michael P. Grossman
In Memory of my Mother Mohini D. Gupta by Vinod Gupta
Betty Halverson
Hanft Fride
Hansen House
Ann and Alfred Hartley
In Memory of Norman Hill by Mary House
Irving Community Club Association
Kang and Barry James
JNBA Financial Advisors
In Honor of Heidi Johnson
In Memory of Aimee Jondreau
In Memory of Louise T. Knighton
Jonathan M. Kuchera
Lake Avenue Restaurant & Bar
John and Carol Lilyquist
In honor of the Lower Level Ladies Literary League
Chris Zyzda and Michael Maloney
Michaels Arts and Crafts Store
Minnesota Power
Nancy and Donald Moline
Don and Patricia Monaco
Victor and Beverly Morcos
Representative Mary Murphy
Dennis Lamkin and Jon Niemi
In Memory of George and Kathryn Noble
In Memory of Ruth Olesen Who Loved Books
Pachel Foundation
Elizabeth Pearson
Joyce and Tom Pegors
Rod and Carla Powers
In Honor of Doris V. Proctor
Wendy and Tom Rectenwald
Rotary Club of Duluth
In Memory of Phil Semerau by His Family and Friends
Phil and Marcia Semerau
Lyle and Terrie Shannon
Tim and Judy Sheriff
In Memory of Rita Storch by Neil Storch
Marie Torreano
Mary C. Van Evera
Elizabeth and Jarrow Wahman
Wells Fargo Foundation
Whole Foods Co-op
Janet J. Worthing
Renee Zurn

In Memory of Richard H. and Irene L. Adams by Steve Adams
Advantage Emblem & Screen Printing
Ager Family
Alpha Delta Kappa Iota Chapter
Altrusa International Club of Duluth
William and Evelyn Anderson
Alan L. Apter
William and Janice Arezzo
Arrowhead Health Sciences Library
Arrowhead Reading Council
J.J. Astor
Mrs. Ruth M. Bakke
In Memory of Barbara Ballou by Robert Ballou
In Memory of Elliot Bayly
Benedictine Health System
Liz Benson Johnson and Dave Johnson.
Gladys Binette
The Bowker Family
Patrick and Jennifer Boyle
Linda J. Breimon
In Honor of our Families of Readers by Jane and Paul Brissett
In Memory of Marcella Britton by Doug Britton and Nancy Odden
John M. and Stephanie K. Brostrom
Bryan Brown and Sara Lorbiecki-Brown
Tom and Jean Brozic
R. Bruce and Betty Buchanan
In Memory of my Husband Frank Budd, MD by Laura Budd
Read and Learn – Always In Memory of Phyllis Byers
In Memory of Arthur Camper
Nancy Lanthier and Jerry Carroll
In Honor of June Casperson
Mary Caven
David and Nancy Choquette
In Memory of Florence Collins by Patrick Collins and Friends
In Honor of Dawn Conlan
In Memory of Rose Angelo by Jan Culliton
Lynn Devlin
Julie Dickinson-Lee
In Memory of Corrine Mae Donfris by Barbara Didrikson
Robert Dock
Margaret Donovan
In Memory of Jean C. Dougherty
Mary Dragich and John Pastor
Rose and Les Drewes
Duluth Legacy Endowment Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
Duluth Tree Service
In Memory of Joyce C. Eaton by Family and Friends
Nancy C. Eaton
Lisa and Mark Fitzpatrick
Tammy and Dean Fox
Ruth and Harold Frederick
Friends of the Cloquet Public Library
Friends of the Duluth Public Library
In Memory of Rosemary Frye
Joseph and Charlene Gallian
In Honor of The Gardner Family
Jim Gearns
Barbara, Charles, and Jonathan Gessert
In Honor of Irene M. Graham in Memory of John G. Graham by William C. Graham
In Memory of Leslie Kreager Hamilton
Peter Handberg
Jane and Richard Heimbach
Clay Helberg, Andrine Lemieux, and Kyra Helberg
In Memory of Phyllis Hendrickson by Kevin Hendrickson
Duke and Clarice Hietala
Dona Wirtanen Holloway
In Honor of Jana Holmgren
Mary Ann Lucas Houx
How Sweet It Is Cakes
Bob and Bobbi Hoyt
Leslie A. Hughes
Jennifer Jackson
Byron Johnson and Jocelyn Pihlaja
In Memory of of Robert J. Karon
Gretchen Karstens
The Keenan Family
In Memory of Barbara Kehtel
Carol and Bob Kelley
Paul and Becky Kilgore
Kaye M. Klement
Jeff and Cora Knutson
Elizabeth J. Krause
Ann M. Kreager
Bob and Katie Kuettel
Lise Lunge-Larsen and Steven Kuross
Sharon and Joel Labovitz Foundation
In Memory of M. Harry Lease, Jr.
In Memory of Daniel F. and Mary C. Levenduski
Lew Family
Loll Designs
David and Nancy Lundein
Mark and Lynn MacLean
Mike and Marta Maddy
Fran Maki
For places to work, think, and learn by Marie Margitan
In Memory of Mark and Terry Martin
Doris Mattson
Midi Restaurant and Wine Bar
In Memory of Mary Bohan Miners
Pamela Mittlefehldt
Sharon and Rory Moran
The Muster Mohn Family
Pam and Greg Mutchler
New Scenic Café
Nixon Moeller Family
Hollis Norman and Tony Dierckins
Northern Lights Books and Gifts
Northland Constructors of Duluth, Inc.
Judith O’Day
Clyde and Jean Olson
In Honor of Order of the Eastern Star, Lakeside Chapter
In Memory of Adeline A. Pegors
Mary Jane Peterson
In Memory of Margaret G. Pogorelskin
Barbara Possin and James Holter
Daniel J. Proctor
Sarah Proudfit
Mary H. Pulford
Max and Betty Ramsland
RBC Wealth Management
Richard Revoir
Thomas Russ
Robert and Kristin Ryan
In Memory of Arno I. Savo
In Loving Memory of Shirley Hecimovich by Nichole and Jeff Schaefer
Tom and Julie Seidelmann
Seiler Family Security Jewelers
Bob and Marree Seitz
In Memory of Eugene H. Shabatura
Shamber Alternative Medicine
Mark and Sandra Signorelli
Franklin Dale and Jan Simmons
Frank J. Sklaris, Jr.
Dorothy and Edward Slonim
In Memory of Lucile Roemer by Carsten Slostad
Peter and Sally Sneve
Speer Family
David and Brenda Sproat
In Memory of Maureen Quinn Strange by Heidi and Jason
Deborah L. Strohm
Super One Liquor
Claryce Swensen
Cecile and Richard Swenson
Ann and Kevin Treacy
Paula and Marc Tsufis
Don and Nancy Tubesinig
USG Foundation Matching Gift Plan
Vavra Family
Subhash C. Vidyarthi
Addie Vittorio
Suzanne Wasilczuk and Tim Stratton
In Honor of Katherine Watters
Carol and Mark Weitz
In Memory of Bud and Mary Welsh
In Loving Memory of Florence Wesenberg
In Memory of June Wester by Jane Wester
Susan Wilmes
In Memory of Harold and Randi Wold
In Memory of Alexander James Wood by James, Maria and Zach Wood
David, Kristin and Joseph Yapel
Tim and Anita Zager
Margot Carroll Zelenz
Sheralyn Zlonis

3 M Gives
Amanda Abrahamson Roseth and Jeremy Roseth
James E. and Beverly Anderson
Richard L. and Yvonne E. Anderson
Marjorie and Daniel Bergeland
Gary and Patricia Berntsen
Ann Biron
Bon-Ton Stores Foundation
Mary Bowker
Sandra Boynton
Jeff and Valerie Bradt
John and Kathy Bray
John and Beryl Bredeson
In Memory of Philip Andrew Browning
Stan and Jan Burns
Peter E. Bye, Jr.
In Honor of Robert H. Carey
June Carter
In Memory of Lucille Cashman
In Memory of Ralph Casperson by Dean Casperson
Chromaline Corporation
In Memory of James R. Cleary
Michael and Diane Cochran
Tambrey Collins
Meredith Cornett and Ethan Perry
Marjorie Cox and Steven Blomster
In Memory of Donna Creps
Currier Bliss
In Memory of Donald W. Davidson by Ruthanna Davidson
Janet Davis
DeMaioribus Family
In Memory of Theresia Ludwig by Kyle and Jennifer Deming
John and Kathryn Derbis
Stuart A. Dickerson
In Memory of Dobby the house-elf
Tom and Mary Donahue
Creston and Jeanne Dorothy
Duluth Huskies
Duluth Public Library Youth Services Staff
Ecumen Lakeshore
Hallie V. Edwardson
In Memory of my Grandparents Roger and Mary Elm of WWJC Radio
In Memory of Carol Sonnenburg Emberg
Diana Engstrom
Pam and Alyssa Everson
Laura Fournier
Jeff and Margy Fraboni
Alfred France
Susan B. and Jeffrey D. Frey
Friends of Philemon and Baucis
In Memory of Robert Fryberger by Angelica Fryberger
Mary Gabrys
Bob and Gayle Gilmore
Dorothy Gordon
Mark and Jane Gottwald
Walt and Kay Gower
Great Garage Sale Extravaganza 2016
William Grohs
Mark Guisfredi
Michael Haggee
In Memory of Dorothy Hagley by Cindy and Rick
Theodore Halpern
In Honor of John “Jack” Hamre
Richard D. and Laura J. Hanson
Robert and Roxanne Haupert
The Hayes Family
Carol Healy
Joan L. Hedrick
Francis and Jocelyn Heid
In Memory of Emerine Helstrom
Robert and Joyce E. Hickman
Dr. and Mrs. Glen E. Holt
In Memory of Virginia Hyvärinen by Richard and Eileen Zeitz Hudelson
Charles and Susan Hyndman
Interstate Parking Company of Minnesota
Jamar Company
In Memory of Klaus Jankofsky by Kay Kurt Jankofsky
Don and Deb Johnson
Stacy Johnston and Mike Reuter
Mike and Jenny Kempfert
Jody and Bonnie Keppers
In Honor of Doris Kerness by Kelly Johnson
Kerns Family
George and Jane Killough
Frances A. Knobloch
Kohl’s Cares for Kids
Diane M. Kolquist
Kraus-Anderson Construction
In Memory of Beverly B. Kraus by Jack Kraus
Krenzen Indoor Auto Mall
Lake Superior Bakehouse
In Honor of area physicians Lake Superior Medical Society Alliance
Pete Langr
In Memory of Joan Likely
Beth Osterlund Liljeblad
Lori G. Lindgren
Scott and Sara Lounsbury
Diane Madsen
Susan Maki and Robert Myers
Dan and Susan Mareck
Craig and Diane Markell
In Memory of Kathy Marsaa
Pamela Matson
David and Barbara McDonald
David and Marie-Laure McKee
Meadowlark Floral Arts Studio
In Honor of James J. Mischler, Jr.
Joanne Morris
Diane Nelson
Nancy Nelson
In Memory of Eino and Jeanne Nyquist
Brad and Lezlie Oachs
In Memory of Syla Olson Borg
Nancy Sandelin Paisley
Buzz and Saundra Palmer
In honor of our parents who instilled a love of reading and took us to the library
William Percy
Perry-Spears Family
Greg and Jenny Peterson and Family
John and Chris Peterson
Richard Petersson
Sanford and Barbara Porter
Positive Energy Outdoors
Dr. Rajesh Prabhu
Jim and Helen Prosser
In Memory of Marcella Ramey
Dr. Hugh Renier and Kristine Fossum
Candice Richards
Jody and Kent Richards
Daniel and Jaci Roth
Nancy and Mark Rubin
The Russom Family
David and Gladys Salmela
In Honor of My Husband John Bryant Sanford, M.D.
Joseph L. Saver
Brad Schmugge, CPA
Robert Schnuckle and Shirley Garland
Michael Schrage and Jennifer Smith
Jack and Joan Setterlund
In Memory of Georgianna Shephard by Alan Netland and Melanie Shephard
Joel Sipress and Claire Kirch
Rosemary and Daniel Skorich
In Honor of Dianna “Dede” Smith
Vlasie, Jerry, and Sara Solon
The Spears Family
The Sperl Family
Steve and Kim Squillace
St. Luke’s Hospital
David and Sharon Stauty
Lori Steinbach
John and Diane Strongitharm
In Honor of Karla Sundvall
In Memory of Joyce Swenson
Rod and Leone Tatalovich
Terry Teich
Tesseract Book Club Becky Ardren, Diane Carlson, Rose Drewes, and Carol Kelley
Heidi Timm-Bijold
Bryan and Rosie Toney
Ted and Martha Troolin
In Honor of Sophie Turk
Gary and Carole Turner
Robert and Adele Unzen
The Varland Family
In Memory of Katharine Brown Coventry by William Wahl
In Memory of Eileen and Edward Wegerson
Maryann Weidt
In Honor of Our Grandchildren Violet, Nelson, Annika, Dylan, Jaysa, and Ryker Wennberg
In Honor of Richard Whiteman
The Williamson Family
Galen and Margaret Wilson
Cindy and Harry Wirz
Ben and Barry Wolfe
In Memory of Rev. Dr. Michael D. Wuchter by Shirley Dyer Wuchter