O’Keefe, the Library Cat

Soon after the Duluth Public Library reopened in 1980 in its new building on Superior Street and 5th Avenue West, it added a new member to its staff: a long-haired black cat named O’Keefe. Biz White, who worked in Adult Services, had a friend who was moving and could not take O’Keefe with her. White […]

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500 Hats, 600 Books!

Don, former Duluthian, shares his library story: I owe a great deal to the Duluth Public library because it was there that my academic future was shaped. My father died in an accident when I was seven years old. My mother was forced to move herself and me to Duluth. I went from a one-room […]

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Mary Aufderheide: Farewell

By Kristen Painter of the Star Tribune Right brain, left brain — it didn’t matter. Mary Aufderheide seemed capable of it all. Both an accomplished medical nurse and a professional violinist, Aufderheide had a life defined by adventure, curiosity and an ever-expanding network of friends. In retirement, she helped her husband, Dr. Arthur Aufderheide, pioneer […]

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