The Wonder of Storytime

Storytime is a beloved offering for the youngest library users, from infants to preschoolers, and for their families and caregivers. Librarians open the world of books to children, reading to them in a warm, engaging way. They introduce new vocabulary words and add finger play, singing, music, and sometimes dance. Parents and caregivers are invited to join in. For some children, it is a first introduction to reading and books.

After Storytime, many families head to the children’s book section to select books to check out and take home. It is magical when children use their own library cards to check out the books that they have chosen.

Thanks to donors, the branch libraries have their own “essentials kit”—puppets, musical instruments, art supplies, and books—needed to create weekly Storytime programs, and the West Duluth branch library has a colorful new Storytime rug. All of these elements help children feel welcome at the library and cultivate a love of learning.

Miss Leah reading to children at the West Duluth Library branch.