A time for PRIDE

This year, the Twin Ports celebrated 37 years of Pride at the 2023 Duluth-Superior Pride Festival. As champions of the Duluth Public Library and its efforts to provide thoughtful and engaging programs to our community, we are excited to see the library once again hosting a diverse range of events and activities for this year’s Pride Festival.

The Duluth Public Library is an essential community resource that serves all people, from all backgrounds. The library staff is dedicated to providing a wide range of materials and programs that reflect the diverse experiences of our community, promoting values of inclusivity and diversity. We are proud to continue our partnership with the library, offering resources and support for these programs, and so much more.

As we celebrate Duluth-Superior Pride, we urge you to continue supporting the library and celebrating equality and self-expression in a way that holds personal meaning for you and your family.

Happy Pride,

The Duluth Library Foundation