STEAM Learning for Students

In addition to books and digital tools, the library puts resources that promote creative thinking into the hands of children by providing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) learning materials.

The library introduced a STEAM cart that offers a changing selection of hands-on, self-directed projects for kids—from simple science-oriented challenges, to basic architectural projects, to creating art. Children and families are welcome to select materials from the cart, sit down, and have fun trying out something new.

“The library has always been a gateway to learning. STEAM in the library is just one more fun way that we can provide hands-on access for kids to explore the world and learn at the same time,” said Heidi Harrison, Youth Services librarian. “We are excited to see what the kids do with the materials and where their imaginations will take them.”

In addition, self-contained STEM kits—on topics from astronomy to robot coding to human anatomy—can be checked out and taken home, encouraging children to try hands-on science.

These opportunities are complemented by library STEM programming, where school-age students can try their hands at coding tiny robots or building “brush bots” that they can take home. Foundation supporters help make these opportunities possible.